Dont have a design?
For customers who does not have a design, we provide artwork and & designing services. Kindly contact or email us to request for quotation 
I already have a design, but only in printed version
We provide a tracing services for you. You can scan and email us the design or courier us the hardcopy. Our designer will view your copy and we will let you know if the copy can be traced. Normally this tracing services will only apply for a simple geometry design. We do not provide tracing for an abstract design. Tracing charges will cost minimum RM50.00
Step 1 - Upload or send us your related information like logo, photo and etc
Step 2 - Designer will edit or modify the design to suit your requirement & email to you
Step 3 - When you received, check on the art work and reply this email with your comment
Step 4 - Once you satisfy it, please reply us with your confirmation email
Step 5 - Printing production of name card
Step 6 - Delivery
Step 7 - Received goods